Great Fitness Motivation Quotes to Keep You Going

Fitness Motivation Quotes

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Do you wish you could motivate yourself to be more active and healthy? You could try the Nike slogan of “Just Do It”, or going to the gym in the morning, or trying more extreme cardio workouts. Or with these quotes, you’ll find that you’re able to take action without any added effort.

Money is the Most Envied, but Least Enjoyed. Health is the Most Enjoyed, but the Least Envied – Charles Caleb Cotton

Fitness Quotes

Could find nothing more true than the quote above from Charles Caleb Cotton , written in 1820. If this quote reminds you of someone, please mention them in the comments section. Or if you’d rather do an original piece, you can use this quote as a basis for your own motivational essay by using your own words.

Don’t Just Talk About It, BE About It!

Nothing is more true in reaching your fitness goals, get out there and show your yourself that you can do it.

Motivational Quotes

It is not enough to say we are going to make a change in our lives and then not to live up to that promise.

Get the sculpted abs of your dreams, 10 Tips to Get 6 Pack Abs

We must go forth and make the change now if we are ever going to make a meaningful difference in our lives.

The Difference between Want and Need is Self Control

Having the discipline to go after your goals is half the battle.

Difference between Want and Need is Self Control

Without self control, it is almost impossible to accomplish any worthwhile goal. Without self control, we cannot be in control of our lives.

It Doesn’t Get Easier, You Just Get Better.

When we work out, we may not always feel like giving it your all. But we have to make sure that we keep at our end of the bargain.

Never Give Up

We have to give what we are doing our best. Even if it’s just for a little bit, making a small effort can lead to something bigger in the long run.


Sometimes we all need a little extra push to keep going . If we can remember some simple fitness motivation quotes, then we’re on our way to a healthier lifestyle. Remember to stay true to yourself, motivate yourself and don’t be afraid to push harder.

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