Top 10 Muscle Building Foods

muscle building foods

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Today we are taking a look at the top 10 muscle building foods. Let’s be honest, most people don’t have the dedication, commitment and time to follow a diet plan to a tee 100% of the time. Unless you’re a top tier athlete competing professionally, setting world records, or making your whole living off of how you look, it’s unlikely it’s on the top of your priority list to stick completely to a diet and sacrifice meals out with family and friends, or sacrifice time at home with loved ones prepping meals for the next day. So some basic rules of thumb are generally better for most people in how to eat to look good, perform well and feel great.

So you’ve got three or four sessions in the gym done during the week, muscles are sore, you’re feeling good, but how do we put together basic meals over the course of the day to make the most of all the effort you’ve put into your sessions. As we know from previous articles muscle isn’t actually built while in the gym, it’s built while recovering in between workouts when you eat, sleep and drink. So here’s our top 10 muscle building foods to base your diet around and maximise your gains.

Steak – One of the Best Muscle Building Foods

Steak speaks for itself in terms of muscle building and performance. It’s been associated with big and strong individuals since the beginning of time. Full of Protein and healthy Fats it sets your body up to be as anabolic as possible. You may have also heard of lifters supplementing with Creatine, well Steak is a natural source of this substance which in turn makes you stronger and helps you build muscle better and faster.


Eggs have copped a bad rap over the years due to their high Fat content, little do people know the Fats found in Eggs are not the same as the Fats you get from fried takeaways, the Fats in your Eggs are a lot better for your body. Along with a high Protein content, and a high concentration of vitamins and minerals contributing to general health, it’s easy to see how Eggs are invaluable to add to your muscle building diet.


Now not a typical Protein source, Oats are around 10% Protein so still add to your body’s muscle building blocks. The main reason for Oats being in a diet is for some Low GI Carbohydrates, which are still actually required to help build muscle as they fuel hard training sessions and also get used for general energy so spares Protein for your body to use for muscle building.


So again not a food that is typically associated with big, strong individuals but don’t let that fool you. Full of good, healthy Fats, Avocados are tasty and help to up your calorie count for the day which is the a key component to building muscle. If there’s not enough material there to use, your body won’t be able to grow muscle period. Healthy Fats are an easy way to fit in some good calories and build muscle rather than build your waistline.


One of the top muscle building foods classic choices. Chicken is the mainstay of many diets as it is easy to prepare, easy to eat and high in protein. With a high concentration of 20g/100g Raw Weight being Protein it is a very efficient way to get max Protein into your diet as well. Versatile through many dishes and also able to swap and change between different cuts (Breasts, Thighs etc) you can change the macros you are hitting day to day.

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Whey Protein Powder

Hitting the required Protein each day needed to build muscle can be hard, Protein Powder is the answer. Whey Protein is easy to digest, convenient to carry around and prepare, and also cheap to buy. Nearly 100% usable by the body it is also one of the most efficient ways to ingest Protein. Fast absorbing it is generally perfect for post workout or as a snack to battle off that hunger pang.


Another surprise entry to the list, Rice. Amazingly simple to cook, easy to eat, and very dense in Carbohydrates. With 80g/100g Raw Weight being Carbohydrates it is a very easy way to get fuel in without having to spend half an hour eating. With very little else in it Rice is a very clean and easy to digest food and won’t leave you feeling bloated even when you eat a lot of it.


Delicious and healthy no one complains when Salmon is added to their diet. Full of Protein and good Fats it’s another easy addition to the list. Having high levels of Omega 3s it also assists in heart health and keeps your hormone levels at healthy levels which in turn means you’ll build as much muscle as possible and remain as lean as possible with your current regime. Edible raw or cooked it’s also super convenient and makes sticking to a plan much easier. You can also look into supplementing with Fish Oil supplements.


Okay so very generic but also completely necessary to any muscle building diet. Any kinds of vegetables are great to add to your diet, containing various vitamins and minerals they’ll keep your body in tip top working order and allow you to be in the best shape possible come training and growing time. Also full of fiber they’ll assist with keeping your digestive system healthy and make sure your body is absorbing all the food you’re eating which is vital for building muscle.

Coconut Oil

Last but not least another surprise addition to the list. Coconut Oil is a great source of Fats called MCTs (Medium Chain Triglycerides). These are an amazing fat an actually help undo some of the damage caused by more inflammatory Fats found in processed foods. Again adding some good calories to your diet while not going completely overboard allows your body to have enough energy and leaves the Protein in your diet to do the important things, like build muscle!

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Add some of these foods to your arsenal with some consistency and see what happens. As long as you base the majority of your intake around good, wholesome food then your muscle building efforts won’t go to waste.