5 Back Machines To Get Maximum Gains

Back Machines To Get Maximum Gains

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Lifting weights, running, cycling, and swimming might help make you a stronger, faster and healthier person. But there’s some science behind the exercise machines that can make it even more effective. These machines should help you achieve your fitness goals faster by targeting all the muscle groups in your body. It’s important that you work every muscle group in order to have a good posture, so they will benefit your health as well as make it easier to do your daily activities.

A stronger back is vital for lifting heavy objects, so these machines will give you the upper hand when carrying those heavy items around. Here are five machines to optimize your workout routine.

T-Bar Row

T-Bar Row

This barbell row machine will let you exercise both the upper and lower regions of your body. For a more complete workout, the T-bar can be used to work out your muscles on both sides of your body. Place the pivot point of this machine on top of your shoulders then lets the weight roll down on each side to start lifting.

Assisted Pull-Up Machine

Assisted Pull-Up Machine

This gym equipment assists you in doing pull-ups, which is a very effective exercise for increasing your upper body strength. It has two bars with handles that supports your body and makes it easier to do the pull ups.

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So when your muscles get tired, you can use the bars to assist yourself in doing the exercise.

Pull-over Machine

This is a machine that is designed to target the muscles in the back, especially the trapezius. The pull-over machine will let you do a bench press while using a cable to make it much easier. It has two handles, one on each side of your rib cage and you use them to pull the weight forward while using your arms and upper body muscles.

Low Seated Row Machine

Low Seated Row Machine

This machine allows you to do both the bicep and shoulder muscle with one exercise. It is designed like a normal low-seated row machine, but it has different positioning. Put your lower part of the body on the seat while putting your hands above it, grasping the bar. Then use your upper body muscles to perform a row motion.

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Because of the variety of attachments available, the low row machine is my preferred model. Your upper back can be developed by using a broad handle while your lats can be developed by using a close-grip handle.

The low seated row can be used to target any weakness in your back training, so use it to build a strong upper body.

Back Extension Machine

This machine targets the muscles in your lower back, which are important for both stability and posture. It is designed to work out the muscles at the same angle as your back so it can be used for a variety of exercises. You can use this machine to do a reverse crunch motion or sit up motion. This is one of the ultimate machines to get that classic “V” shape we all desire.


Adding these five machines to your workout routine will let you develop the muscles that can make you stronger, faster and healthier. You can get maximum gains from these machines if you know how to use each of them.

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