How to do EZ Bar Preacher Curls

How to do EZ Bar Preacher Curls

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Get huge gains by mixing up your workout routine by incorporating EZ Bar Preacher Curls into the mix. When it comes to lifting exercises, many people do the same ones over and over again. 

With weightlifting and bodybuilding, it is even more clear that variety is the spice of life. It’s time to shake things up with your bicep workouts, which are normally simple standing dumbbell curls.

We’ll cover all you need to know to get started learning how to do EZ Bar Preacher Curls in this article.

What is an EZ Bar?

Before jumping into the proper form and benefits of adding EZ Bar Preacher Curls into your workout routine, we will cover some background.

An EZ Bar is a type of straight barbell. The reason it is called an “EZ” Bar is because the sides are slightly angled to make gripping easier on your wrists and forearms. 

It is primarily used for curls, but you can also use it for overhead presses.

What Are Preacher Curls?

A preacher curl is an isolation exercise that targets your bicep muscles. You typically perform this using a preacher bench, hence the name “preacher curl.”

The primary benefit of preacher curls is to increase strength and size by isolating one arm at a time so you can focus all your energy on the targeted muscle group. This lets you properly train each arm without interfering with your workout of the other arm.

How to Do EZ Bar Preacher Curls

To get started, place an EZ bar on a preacher bench. If you are using dumbbells for this exercise, go ahead and grab the same weight in each hand then hold them while sitting on top of the bench. 

EZ Bar Preacher Curls Step by Step

Position the palms of your hands on the arm rests and curl your elbows up. This will place your forearms at a 90° angle to the bench.

Now, to start doing EZ Bar Preacher Curls, rotate your hand outward so that it is almost facing directly away from you. If you are not strong enough to do this with very much weight, you can use your arm to mechanically rotate the EZ bar so it has a natural arc in the same direction.

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Once you have set up for this exercise, slowly lower the weight towards your chest without bringing them all the way down. Once they almost touch your chest, bring your elbows upward creating tension on the biceps muscles while flexing them.

EZ Bar Preacher Curls Step by Step

Lower the weight back down without fully extending your arms then repeat performing sets of preacher curls until you have reached your targeted number of reps.

EZ Bar Preacher Curls Step by Step

Do 3 sets with 8-12 repetitions each, or however many reps are listed on the side of the EZ Bar’s weight plates you are using.

Why Should I Incorporate EZ Bar Preacher Curls into My Workout Routine?

Here are a few reasons you should be doing EZ Bar preacher curls:

This exercise isolates the biceps and creates greater tension on the targeted muscle group. This causes them to get stronger and bigger over time.

You can use EZ Bar preacher curls as an isolation exercise to superset with another bicep exercise such as incline dumbbell curls. Doing another isolation exercise right after this one allows you to fatigue the muscles so they can grow and get stronger more effectively.

There are very little other muscle groups involved so there is much less risk to your joints when doing preacher curls than many other exercises such as squats or dead lifts. This means you can work on your arms all year long without having to worry about over training or injuries.

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To mix things up and give you a more complete workout, use EZ Bar preacher curls in conjunction with other exercises such as triceps kickbacks (a great way to finish off your bicep workout) or weighted chin-ups (to really fatigue the arms).


Now that you know how to do EZ bar preacher curls, how to add this exercise into your workout routine, and the benefits of doing them, give preacher curls a try in your next workout!

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